At Paraqum Technologies, we understand what it takes to develop highly complex products as we have our own range of products that operate at the extreme – Be it Network Analytics at 100 Gbps or 4K @ 60 fps Video Encoding or Decoding (12G). Our own products in the domain of high speed networking and high-resolution video compression have given our engineers unparalleled exposure in end to end product design and development.

When customers present their product concepts to us, they do that with utmost confidence in our capabilities and feel much at home knowing that their product concept will quickly become a working prototype.
Embedded Systems Design Main


Paraqum Technologies provides high-end electronic design solutions for customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining high quality. We offer a wide range of services including PCB design, Embedded Systems design, FPGA based designs and Firmware development. The use of state of the art design tools has not only made our engineers productive in terms of meeting tough deadlines but also gives us a unique edge in terms of completing extremely compact designs. Our dedicated team of engineers aided by the latest cutting-edge technologies work closely with customers to design and implement the most efficient and effective electronic design solutions.

Paraqum Technologies has completed over 50 medium to highly complex designs to date. Our continuous drive to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations makes us a highly skilled, flexible and experienced electronic design and manufacturing team committed to our customers’ growth and success.

Capabilities and domain expertise:

Our Capabilities

  • Embedded systems design (microcontroller, FPGA & Processors) & firmware development
  • Printed Circuit Board(PCB) design (multi-layer)
  • Electronic product designing
  • Electronic design consultation services

Domain Expertise

  • High-speed communication devices
  • FPGA based designs
  • Video processing devices
  • IoT devices (Consumer and Industrial)
  • Wireless devices
  • Consumer Electronics
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